Air Drying Tunnel MMD5500


The foodlife Drying Tunnel MMD-5500 is developed to give leafy vegetables a longer shelf life. The products are dried with warm and cool air. The residual moisture can be reduced to appr. 1%. The Drying Tunnel MMD-5500 delivers the product not only drier, but also in an optimal condition.

The foodlife Drying Tunnel MMD-5500 is used when a low residual moisture is desired as well as for delicate products. Before the product enters the actual drying tunnel, a pre drying takes place by means of the use of our FlowDry system. In the drying tunnel, the product is dried on the first and second conveyor belt in an upwardly directed airstream with a temperature about 25 degrees Celcius. The belts are equipped with air knives over the entire length under the belt, instead of knockers.

The advantage of the air drying tunnel compared to other thermal systems is the fact that no heat and moisture are released into the production location. The machine is very suitable for delicate products, no product damage.

- The products swirls, resulting in an optimal release of moisture;
- The airflow which is inside the circulation, is cooled to about 4 degrees Celcius in a heat exchanger. Because                
   of condension, a part of the water vapour is removed from airstream;
- Underneath the 3rd conveyor belt, this cold air is used to cool the final product back to 4 degrees Celcius, which is
  delivered to the 2nd heat exchanger, so it can take up moisture again;
- The air is heated to about 25 degrees Celcius so that the relative humidity is reduced;
- Round materials are used whenever possible to ensure proper hygiene;
- The machine is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers;
- Great accessibility because of open sides in cleaning mode

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