The foodlife Batchdryer is ideal for small capacity and high quality. A unit for a batchwise process of drying and cooling of lettuce. A mesh wire belt transports the product batchwise into the drying / cooling space, where the product stays for a pre-set time. Within this time, the product is limited heated and ventilated. Shortly after the product is cooled with ambiant air or optionally a heat exchanger.

  • Capacity appr. 10 kg per 10 minutes;
  • Return product with AW 8% to 1-2%;
  • The machine is made entirely of stainless steel (304) and food grade  polymers/parts;
  • Fan is galvanzied version;
  • Round materials are used whenever possible;
  • Control box with control panels with process parameters;
  • Central heating unit is mounted to the machine;
  • Heat exchanger built in cabinet.

A shelf life extension can be achieved with this machine. At the end of the cycle, the belt will start and will transport the product to the outfeed of the machine. Simultaneously, the new product will be inserted.

foodlife Batchdryer
foodlife Batchdryer

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