The foodlife BowlinspeXion is a stand-alone solution for the automatic inspection of add-in ingredients in (ready to eat) salad bowls, before the package is closed. In this way, a rejected packaging can still be provided with the relevant component in time.

The unit, with a self supporting system, is placed next to and above the conveyor with salad bowls. The foodlife BolwinspeXion is equipped with a sensor that detects a passing bowl. A camera system then asses the presented bowl and its add-in ingredients in the top part of the bowl. Based on the analysis, the controls will return a fail or approved notification signal for  third devices. There is also a control box next to the frame, with a touchscreen for selecting on the the pre-defined recipes.

The foodlife BowlinspeXion consists of  a stainless steel sanitary frame with 4 adjustable feet.

- Small footprint;
- Easy integration with an existing conveyor;
- Accurate detection of product flow;
- Touchscreen display;
- Easy recipe selection;
- Good access for cleaning and proper hygiene;
- The device is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers;
- Optional reject handling functionality available

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