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foodlife De-nester
Dosing and Filling


The foodlife De-nester is the perfect solution for placing tray’s on to the step filling conveyor. It is made using the screw de-nesting principle which is very accurate and does not use compressed air.

The De-nester sits on a purpose built frame which is easily adjustable in height through a spindle. The De-nester is designed to be flexible and suitable for any application.

The system can be used for a range of different tray sizes, a quick release cassette system allows the line to change from tray to tray in minimum time.

The De-nester has its own PLC control and is connected to the Step Filling Conveyor. In this way, at the appropriate time a tray will be put on the top line. If the track stops no tray will be issued.

An optional buffer unit can be supplied by extending the tray infeed.

The De-nester can be put easily in line with the foodlife step filling conveyor and the foodlife flexfill 200. Also the De-nester can be a stand-alone solution within the existing production process.

Extra options
A buffer stock unit for extra pieces to + / - 15 minutes longer running time

foodlife De-nester
foodlife De-nester

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