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foodlife Flexfill 200
Dosing and Filling


The foodlife Flexfill 200 machineprovides automatic filling of trays and packs. Due to its unique concept, this machine can fill delicate  and difficult to handle products. The filling weight is adjustable by the filling time and speed. The capacity is 20 portions of 200 grams per minute, weighing included. It can be more or less depending on quantity and accuracy

The system uses a screw feed, controlled from a PLC unit with an HMI touch screen which allows different programs to be stored and selected as required.

Following options are available:

  • Synchronization with a Step filling conveyor
  • Step filling conveyor with variable speed (for transporting trays for filling)
  • Crate turner (multipurpose model based on standard or gastronome crates)
  • Various product screws
  • Fine dosing head (especially suitable for fine and small products)
  • Weighing unit on the Flexfill 200 equipped with a weighing / dosing indicator
  • Step filling conveyor (type SFC) is available in multiple versions.

The robust Flexfill 200 is made of stainless steel or FDA approved plastics. It has been designed to be simple to clean and easy to maintain, where possible all food contact parts have been made “quick release” to minimize “change overs” and  production down time.

The Flexfill 200 can be put easily in line with the foodlife step filling conveyor and the foodlife De-Nester. Also the Flexfill 200 can be a stand-alone solution within the existing production process.

foodlife Flexfill 200
foodlife Flexfill 200

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