The foodlife FoodMax is the sorting and packaging system with fast return on investment. The machine optimizes sorting and packaging.

- Processing of randomly oriented and irregularly formed products, food and non food;
- Support or replacement of manual handling;
- (Qualitative) sorting of combinations based on weight, form, colour, etc.;
- Reduction of ‘give away’ weight;
- Pick & Place handling with product recognition, based on vision;

Smart oriented handling, driven by your industry.

Standard features:
- The transportsystem of the unit handles crates, trays or boxes;
- Flexibility because of changeable product grippers;
- 2D / 3D image processing;
- Modular design and flexible layout;
- Can be integrated with existing production equipment;
- Good acccess for cleaning and proper hygiene;
- The machine is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers.

Optional features:
- Weighing, track & trace, product processing, flexible product buffer, customized expansion;
- Cleaning-in-place for food and other hygienically sensitive products.

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