Helicol Washer HW4000


The foodlife Helicol Wahser HW4000 with belt outfeed or vibration outfeed for medium production quantities of approx. 1.000 kg - 2.500 kg per hour. Effective and gentle washing of vegetables, salads and fruits by adjustable water rotation. The product circulates through the entire washing volume of the washing tank, thanks to a rotating helical washing flow system. This ensures a well balanced product distribution in the wash tank. The machine can be used as stand alone or as in-line washing machine.

- Adjustable water supply / intensity, adjustable to product contamination
- Double rinsing through vibration channel via seperate water connection

The washer works continiuously using a combination of water agitation for cleaning, and vibrator for de-watering and transportation. Another option is a mesh belt outfeed for delicate products, instead of the vibrator system. Valve control over the waterflow, direction and pressure, adjustable water supply and intensity enables you to adjust the machine to the specific requirements of your product. Water is circulated through the system to keep the operating costs low.

foodlife Helicol Washer HW4000

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