The foodlife Ingredientfeeder is your flexible full automatic helper to put an ingredient into a salad bowl, moving down the production line. The ingredientfeeder has 3 main functions:
- Ingredient singulation system with infeedbelt;
- Ingredient position detection (camera);
- Handling robot with gripper (robot).

Industrial proven robot, camera and belts realize a reliable and manindependent process. Each bowl gets its ingredient. After filling the buffer and selecting the recipe, the robot takes care of putting the ingredient into the salad bowls. The robot is mounted on a self-supporting stainless steel frame, equipped with safety railings. There is a control box next to
the frame, with the control buttons of the handling robot. An overflow of ingredients are maintained towards the robot. Ingredients which are not picked by the robot, are simply returned to the buffer.

- Small footprint;
- Easy integration with an existing conveyor;
- Fast industrial robot in SCARA configuration;
- Ingredient buffer for appr. 5 minutes;
- Reliable vacuum grippers and several gripper types available;
- Machine vision allows random position of ingredients on the infeedbelt;
- Touchscreen display;
- Easy recipe selection;
- Settings for 3 ingredient dimensions are stored into the control system;
- Good acccess for cleaning and proper hygiene;
- The machine is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers.

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