Multi-Cut 2800


The perfect solution for segmenting or slicing of  for example appels, tomatoes, organges, lemons and potatoes.

  • Vegetables or fruits are manually placed into one of the four cups on the support belt.
  • Simultaneously  4 cups can be filled on the support belt
  • By means of special notch in the transport plate cups, will remain the product to be cut in the middle.
  • Moving the product proceeds stepwise (stationary, moving, stop, etc).
  • Placing the product to be cut is therefore very easy.
  • In the cutting station, the product is cut from the top
  • The processed products on the transport plate are further transported and unloaded at the turning point in a container or directly onto a conveyor which keeps the product stay together.
  • The cutting inserts are easy to change and in a wide variety available
  • There are 4 cutting inserts required

foodlife Multi-Cut 2800
foodlife Multi-Cut 2800

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