Onion Orientation Unit


The foodlife Onion Orientation Unit for the automatic orientation of onions in relation to the knives of the peeling machine. The unit with a self supporting frame, is placed above the peeling machine at the location of the employee. The peeling machine and the Onion Orientation Unit are connected, to secure the position relative to each other. A camera system will assess the position of the delivered onions in the conveyor chain. The deviation from the ideal onion position will be transmitted to the robot, placed behind the camera. The robot is equiped with a unique gripper, and will then turn the onions into the correct position during the transport.

- Small footprint;
- Easy integration in production line;
- Accurate detection of product flow;
- Good access for cleaning and proper hygiene;
- The machine is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers;

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