Product in crate washer


The foodlife product in crate washer is designed to wash all kind of different products, which are in a crate before entering the washing machine.

The product is washed by spraying on the top of the product and air flow under the crates.
At the outfeed  fresh water spraying is  spraying bar to rinse the product with fresh water. After this the water flows back into the washer.

The PCWS has two side by side lanes in which crates can be washed.  Crates are placed on top of a polymer chain in the water basin and transported through the machine.
Extra nozzles are mounted above the lanes to ensure proper cleaning of the product.
The crates are transported up and out of the water basin at the end of the process.  A small buffer is included to hold up to 4 washed crates of product.
The water is circulated by a pump system and the water flows back into the water tank by a filter screen.
The water tank has an automatic water filling system and safety level to protect the pump
The electrical cabinet is mounted on the machine with start/stop control and chain speed. Emergency stops are on the in- and outfeed.
The airblower is mounted near the washer with stainless steel cover.

The machine is made of Stainless steel(304) and food grade polymers. Round materials are used whenever possible to ensure proper hygiene.

foodlife Product in crate washer
foodlife Product in crate washer

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