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The foodlife Suction Dry Systems are developed to give fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life. To achieve this a low final moisture and low product damage is necessary.  Therefore foodlife developed a suction-air-dry -system, which delivers the final products not only drier but also in an optimal condition.

The systems are suitable for baby leaf, fresh cut fruit, chopped lettuce and various different vegetables like sugar snaps, cauliflower and broccoli florets.  A foodgrade mesh belt transports the product. Depending on the product 1000, 2000, or 3000mu.

This system is characterized by an optimal product handling.
The entry is fitted with  knocking bars to gently dewater, and spread the product before the main drying section. The moisture is collected and guided away from the machine. The SDS + (plus) version has a FlowDry section installed on the infeed side of the machine to aid in extra dewatering of the product. Then the product is guided through the modules.  Each module is equipped with an extra knocking bar to rearrange the product during the drying process. In each module multiple suction and blowing nozzles mounted under the wire mesh belt ensure that adhering moisture is removed from the product.

In order to be able to achieve this high degree of drying, the Foodlife SDS uses an air technology which results in mechanical dewatering & drying. In addition, the blown out air is of an higher temperature  than the product. This results in an increased moisture removal by means of evaporation in the SDS. This has a favourable effect on the potential subsequent process, in which the product is dried at a higher temperature.
Above the main transport belt is a specifically designed mesh belt to ensure the product is held in the correct area for drying and prevents product from being blown out of the system. 

Many different recipes can be controlled from the central control panel to make sure that the optimum settings are achieved for each product.

The outfeed is equipped with an air knife to remove remaining product from the belt.

The air from the suction blower is guided through a noise reduction box which captures moisture and reduces the noise. Every box must be opened before cleaning with quick release latches.

foodlife SDS Systems
foodlife SDS Systems

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