The foodlife Sorting Select System is equipped with horizontal grading rollers constructed from stainless steel. The distance between these rollers changes in 3 steps based on the desired size of product. There are 3 movable conveyor belts situated under each sorting area to transport the finished graded product to the next stage.
Every second roller lowers its position when the distance between the rollers changes above the size sections. This ensures a proper positioning of the product between the rollers. Frequency control allows for adjustment of the speed of the machine.

3 conveyors are placed under the machine to transport the graded sizes to the side.Standard width of these conveyors is 600mm, and length 3000 mm. These conveyors can be placed in any position under the machine. Longer conveyors can be designed and quoted on request.
The foodlife sorting select system can be easily integrated into a line with the foodlife Cabro SL or supplied as a stand-alone solution to automate or replace an existing conveyor.

foodlife SORTSELECT-3
foodlife SORTSELECT-3

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