Vision & Robotics

Foodhandling systems
All of our knowledge and experience in engineering, robotics, vision technologies and system integration come together in our top of the range food gripping and handling systems. 

These are some of the most advanced systems around, enabling customers in the food and agriculture sectors to drastically improve their productivity and handle their valuable produce with extreme care and accuracy.

Foodhandling & processing solutions

Our solutions incorporate our own developments such as gripper systems, vision systems, product process & packaging synchronisation and process lay-out optimisation. Our designs also take into account important factors such as hygiene and the cleanability of our production modules. We use our vision sensoring to accurately detect product flow, dimensions or positions and placement. Our gripper systems then pick & place the products for i.e. packaging.

Whether fresh or frozen, our systems cater for every conceivable type of foodstuff, plant or crop. Our standard systems and bespoke food handling solutions are used for vegetables, meat, poultry, fish through to confectionery and bakery products.