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Finis || Eillert takes over JFPT/Foodlife delivery programme

Both Finis and Eillert are leading organisations in the development and production of processing machines and production lines for the potato and vegetable processing industry.

For almost a century both companies have focused on delivering quality-improving, efficient and sustainable solutions for their customers.

For 4 generations now, Finis and Eillert have been highly regarded parties who have both expressed and realized their ambitions. Both are typically Dutch machine factories with a shared vision of bringing their customers to a higher level. Together with their strong and expert team of around 100 staff, they work hard on meeting the wishes of their customers.

JFPT/Foodlife has for many years operated in the market with a similar approach. With innovative and strong solutions that have been installed at customer sites as well projects still in development. Finis||Eillert has taken over the entire delivery programme. This now gives Finis || Eillert the exclusive and official rights for the delivery and further development of the current Foodlife programme. Thanks to this expansion of the delivery package, it can now respond better to market demands.  What's more, if so desired, service can of course be provided for the Foodlife machines that have already been delivered. The Foodlife line will in future be marketed under the Eillert label. Patrick Jansen, former CEO of Foodlife/JFPT, has been working in the fresh produce processing industry for more than 20 years. Together with his father, he has passionately built up his knowledge and experience within this industry. The undisputed drive to help customers with difficult issues and to resolve problems has also been the number one priority for the Jansen family. And Finis||Eillert will be benefiting from this passion, expertise, experience and drive as well.

Patrick Jansen started at Finis|| Eillert as International Sales Representative on 1 May 2019.

Finis||Eillert has recently invested in expanding and modernising its production facility, which now boasts a production area of approx. 6000m2. This expansion and modification allows machines of even greater efficiency and high quality to be produced. What makes the Finis||Eillert production facility so unique is that everything is carried out in-house and under one roof.  This includes disciplines such as R&D, engineering, control technology, company software, welding, hardware assembly, software assembly, installation teams and service teams.

Next to the production hall a new demo centre has been opened where all the machines can be tested. The state-of-the-art conference room above the demo centre provides the perfect setting for discussing the best possible solutions for customers.

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