Salad Head Trimmer (SHT)


The foodlife Salad Head Trimmer is developed for removing the outside leaves and various leaves which are not reflected in the final product. The desired product is also divided into a workable final product.

The whole is built up from a stainless steel construction and is based on a carousel . It has total 5 positions :

  1. Set-up position
  2. Remove outside leaves (waste )
  3. Cutting blades (waste )
  4. Halve / three parts , coring and cutting top
  5. Disposal core

Size approx 2000 x 2000 mm

Step 1:
The lettuce is pinned in a holder, this holder clamps the lettuce as the product is pinned. the cutting ring cuts into the lettuce when it is rotating.
The machine move when the product is clamped in the holder.

Step 2:
At the lettuce top side the cutting ring will cut to a previously given depth, to remove the lettuce leaves.
There is also a height measuring cylinder at the top side of the product, to measure the product.
This incision depth is adjustable between 2 to 30 mm

Step 3:
The cutting ring rotates during the process, the incision depth is set by a control setting, which continuous measure the depth of the incision in front of the product.
Furthermore there is an safety stop mounted, which can be set.
The in step 2 measured height can be used for the height of the cutting ring.

Step 4:
This is the step of the finished product, the product is 1/3, 2/3 halved, and is on the top side removed of his core with a round blade.
The measured height of the previously step, set the round blade in his position, the product will be cut with the pre-set parameters.
The choice can be made between, one blade which cut in two times or a fixed blade with a fixed distance between the first blade, both options are possible.
The maximum speed is based on cutting with a double blade.

Step 5:
The core can be cut to a maximum depth of 50 mm,  this is also the lowest position of the share blade.
All positions are protected by bodywork/wire mesh, except the pinned position for the product.
The machine is performed with PLC control with touch-screen. In this program parameters can be set, this is necessary for each product.
All drives are protected where necessary with an stainless steel covers.

All positions are shielded by metal plates / mesh, except the set-up position .

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