De foodlife Belt Washer is a new design washing machine for bigger capacities, for example 400 kg - 1500 kg per hour. The machine can be used as a standalone or as an in-line washing machine. Vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits can be washed effectively and carefully.

Functional design:
The product is washed on a belt, which runs through the sink. The product is washed by using various sprinklers, which are installed above and below the belt. The water from these sprinklers is collected in a collection tank, after it has passed through a filter. The water then returns to the sprayers by a pump. 

Refreshing of the water can be controlled according to a fixed quantity. The waterchange takes place through an overflow, which can be led to a drain.

The machine is easy to clean because of a removable filter and the belt can be lifted from the tank. Round materials are used whenever possible to ensure proper hygiene. the machine is constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers. 

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