foodlife has designed a highly flexible washing solution that can be used for various kinds of fruits, vegetables and salads. The Fruitwasher is designed to remove adhering dirt, soil particles and debris from the various products. By keeping the product in constant motion, the entire surface of the product is submerged and washed. While the products is controlled in between two flights and side guides, the retention time can be controlled very accurate. 

Functional design
The infeed of the product into the machine needs to be in a constant flow, manually or by belt. The water in the tank will prevent the product from falling into the bottom and possibly damaging it. The infeed includes a head-tail plate and two side guides. Together they guide the product to the outfeed of the machine. 

The machine is designed and constructed in regulation of the latest standards in hygienic design and food safety. The machine is entirely build out of stainless steel and food grade polymers. Round materials are used whenever possible to ensure proper hygiene.

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