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foodlife Step Filling Conveyor
Dosing and Filling Conveyors


Conveyor for transporting tray’s for filling

The conveyor is used to organize the transport of the tray’s towards the filling station and packaging. The track is 304 stainless steel built in a central medium chain which keeps the trays at  the right distance.
The track is driven by a normal phase motor, controlled by the centrally located control panel. This has several features like, start / stop and continued stepping.

The speed is variable and idle time is also adjustable.
There are two remote emergency stops fitted.
The conveyor is positioned on a sanitary and easy to clean frame with a central support guide. The height is adjustable through the feet.
The side guide is continuously adjustable and provides a correct position of the trays on the track.
There is a potential free contact, it can be used to the track to stop at stop of the packaging machine.

foodlife Step Filling Conveyor
foodlife Step Filling Conveyor

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